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A Crowning Achievement (CD-ROM)

A Crowning Achievement (CD-ROM)

A Guide to Fabricating Crowns

Some stones simply don't fit in standard size or pre-fabricated crowns. With this instructional series you will learn how to hand fabricate crowns to fit your stones perfectly. Follow the construction of a wire basket crown through a well-illustrated three-page article. Learn the technical demands and design considerations of producing pierced crowns and filigree pendants. Watch as Master Jeweler Bradney Simon designs, then fabricates a custom colored stone pendant. Each demonstration is succinct and offers a wealth of tips from an experienced bench jeweler.

Each Bench View CD-ROM contains approximately 50 minutes of video in addition to numerous printable articles. Computer with Microsoft Windows 95 (or newer) and speakers required. CD-ROMs will not play in DVD players.

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