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BenchMate Fixed Mounting Plate

BenchMate Fixed Mounting Plate


This steel plate is screwed to the edge of your benchtop for mounting various components of BenchMate system. Because the sides of the plate are bevelled, BenchMate attachments can be easily removed by sliding them upward. Furnished with 5 wood screws for mounting.

If your bench top is made of thin material, you may not be able to mount the Fixed Mounting Plate on its own. The Mounting Plate Adapter is secured to the top of your bench instead of along the edge of the benchtop like the Fixed Plate, so it can be secured to almost any surface. It can even be mounted on benchtops that have a curved edge.

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110-280 Mounting Plate for BenchMate Fixed Mounting Plate
110-279 Fixed Mounting Plate Adapter for BenchMate Mounting Plate Adapter