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Leica® A60 Stereo Microscope with Objective Lens and GRS Acrobat® Versa Stand

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Leica® A60 Stereo Microscope with Objective Lens and GRS Acrobat® Versa Stand

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GRS has taken the Leica A60 Stereo Microscope and combined it with their Acrobat Versa Stand, an additional Leica Objective Lens, a GRS aluminum adaptor for this lens, and some extra-cost Leica accessories all in one package especially conceived for engraving and jewelry work.

Product Details

Leica® A60 Stereo Microscope

The intuitive A60 is designed for long periods of continuous use and quickly adapts to different users. With a 38° viewing angle, the A60 allows the user to maintain a natural head posture. The operating elements such as the zoom adjustment, focus knob, and ring light are intuitive and easily accessible, by left and right-handed users alike. Leica FusionOptics technology means less refocusing and greater depth of field and a larger surface overview compared to other microscopes. The standard magnification range of the A60 is 5X to 30X. This range is reduced by the Objective Lens (see full explanation below) to a lower range to provide greater working distance and freedom of movement more suitable for engraving and stonesetting. The A60 is equipped with bright, uniform, and color-neutral LED ring light illumination for optimal brightness and clarity. The Leica Headrest Kit is included in this package.

GRS Acrobat® Versa Stand

Designed and manufactured by GRS especially for the Leica A60 Microscope. Features a rigid frame that makes positioning easy, a magnetic document holder, and ergonomic handles for the best optical experience possible. Manufactured with a strong and rigid frame that easily swings out of the way. Mounting base, post, stand, and primary document holder included.

Additional Objective Lens

The package includes an additional Leica Objective Lens for reducing the magnification range. The Leica A60 Microscope has a native magnification range of 5X to 30X. The 0.63X Objective Lens included in this package reduces this range to provide greater working distance and freedom of movement: a requirement for detailed engraving work. This 0.63X Objective Lens reduces the magnification range to 3.15X to 18.9X. A GRS aluminum adaptor for the Objective lens is also provided.

  • Leica A60 Microscope
  • GRS Acrobat Versa Stand
  • 0.63X objective lens with adapter
  • Leica Headrest Kit
  • Optia LED Light and Control
  • Mounting base and post
  • Primary document holder
  • Protective Cover
  • Complete instructions

The Leica A60 operates on 110 volts AC. The Microscope and Stand are shipped in 2 boxes which together weigh 39 lbs. Leica A60 made in Germany, Acrobat Versa Stand made in USA.