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Gem-Zoom U Mobile Phone Photo Light

Gem-Zoom U Mobile Phone Photo Light

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The Gem-Zoom U Photo Light consists of a small rechargeable ring light with integrated 10X macro lens that clamps easily onto your mobile phone camera. The ring light features 12 cool white (5500°K) LEDs which can be adjusted in three levels of brightness. The LEDs are arranged in a circular pattern to assure even lighting of the object being photographed. Even lighting can be difficult to achieve when photographing small objects like gemstones and jewelry, especially when using a mobile phone camera.

The 10X macro lens at the center of the Gem-Zoom allows you to get much closer to your subject without the need to zoom, making for much sharper photos. For objects larger than rings and stones, the included screw-on 0.65X wide angle lens allows the camera to capture a wider frame. The included charging cable will charge the battery in 15 minutes and the light will run for approx. 30 minutes of continuous use.

Fits all iPhone models as well as Galaxy and Android smart phones and tablets. The clamp features a scratch-proof rubberized surface.

  • Gem-Zoom™ U device with integrated 10X macro lens
  • Screw-on 0.65X wide angle lens
  • USB charging cable
  • Black colored lens cleaning and photo background cloth
  • Zippered carrying case
  • Instruction manual