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Fretz F-103 Mid-Size Doming Stake

Fretz F-103 Mid-Size Doming Stake

The Fretz F-Series Mid-Size Stakes are cast in stainless steel which has been hardened and highly polished. These very high quality stakes can be used to fabricate complex curves for a variety of projects. Made in Vietnam. All stakes have 17 mm tapered square shanks that fit the H-101 and VH-101 Stake Holders, which are sold separately (see related products below).

The Mid-Size Doming Stake is for doming flat sheet metal. It is also useful for forging heavy metal stock into concave or convex shapes depending on how the metal is held. 6" L x 1" W (152.4 x 25.4 mm) overall with a gently curved and rounded center section. One end features an approx. 1" (25.4 mm) dia rounded curve while the other is relatively flat.

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