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10 amp Pepetools Digital Plating Rectifier

10 amp Pepetools Digital Plating Rectifier

Model 270.10N

The solid state architecture of this plating rectifier from Pepe allows much greater control of output current and efficiency greater than 85%. Digital current and voltage regulators insure voltage and current output precision to 0.01 volt/amperes. 99% filtration means that terminal voltage output fluctuation is less than 1%, which results in a superior plated surface. Internal cooling system prevents overheating. 0-12 Volt DC Output. Volts and amperes meters have LCD readouts. Solid state circuitry results in compact external dimensions of 4-1/4"W x 8-3/4"D x 6-1/2"H. Dual voltage for use anywhere in the world, switchable on the back of the unit. Two color-coded lead wires with alligator clips are included.

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